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Ogham - Unraveling the Old Irish Script

August 23, 2023 Lora O'Brien & Jon O'Sullivan Season 3 Episode 3
The Irish Pagan School Podcast
Ogham - Unraveling the Old Irish Script
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Enter the world of Ogham, an ancient Irish script which is still somewhat shrouded in mystery... though over at the Ogham Academy we're doing our best to make it a little clearer each week - be sure to join the mailing list there so you don't miss out! This is a quick introduction to its history and origins, geographical spread, and how to 'translate' modern words and phrases through the Ogham script.
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Ever wondered what Ogham is and where it came from? This ancient Irish script dates back to the 4th century, at least, allowing early Irish people to record our ancestral lineages in a unique visual alphabet. Learn about its mysterious origins, letters, and how to translate (transliterate!) and write simple words in Ogham.

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