The Irish Pagan School Podcast

A Beginner's Guide to Creating Magical Wards - from Experienced Witches!

November 02, 2022 Lora O'Brien & Geraldine Moorkens Byrne Season 1 Episode 35
The Irish Pagan School Podcast
A Beginner's Guide to Creating Magical Wards - from Experienced Witches!
Show Notes

Join Lora O'Brien and Geraldine Moorkens Byrne as they discuss How to Protect Your Home with Magical Wards... in 5 Easy Steps! Irish Witchcraft, Irish Pagan Practice, and over 30 years of Magical Experience (each) are discussed in this warm and affirming chat between these lifelong friends and colleagues. Build your safety with this guide on protecting your home and family with magical wards. With expert advice and five simple steps, you can start guarding today.
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Magical wards are used to protect a place or person from negative energies or malevolent beings. There are many ways to create magical wards, and the specific method you choose will depend on your personal beliefs and traditions. 

DIY magical wards are an easy and effective way to protect your home and those you love. If you’re new to creating your own protection spells, our beginner’s guide will walk you through the steps to make your own magical wards in no time!

Fáilte! Welcome to the Podcast, with your hosts - authors and co-founders of the Irish Pagan School) - Lora O'Brien and Jon O'Sullivan.

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